Frequently asked questions
Updated: September 1, 2018

What is Dusted?

Dusted is an online platform for borrowing and lending your possessions. You can rent almost anything from high value equipment, to basic every day items.
Borrowers can rent things they need cheaper and more efficiently. While lenders can monetise their unused stuff, fully insured on our platform.
Why? Because we all have something we own that isn’t being used. Sharing is the future. It’s more efficient on your pocket, your life, and on the planet’s resources - so let’s work together to build a trusting sharing community!

How does it work?

Dusted is a fully-insured peer to peer rental platform that links people who needs things with those that are lending those items. Therefore, all the items listed on our platform are not owned by us, but by people near you.

What kinds of items can I lend/borrow?

Almost anything! Everything on our site is insured, so if we can’t insure your item, we will have to reject the listing. You can read test link.

What can you insure?

Again, almost anything. We can’t insure overly dangerous items (guns, chainsaws, chemicals etc), vehicles, properties, pets, or your grandma. So if your item isn’t one of those things then go ahead and list it. To learn more about our insurance policy, head to the Dusted Guarantee page.